Updated Shiftlogic Automatic Transmissions 4.0

Makes slushboxes more comfortable to drive. Now with electric motors

  1. Electric Motor Update

    Tuned the electric motors on the eSBR and FCV
    Note: For the mod to work correctly, you must choose all(one or two) motors to the modded ones and choose the modded(in order to redirect motor information to the modded motor(s)) gauges in the parts menu

    Custom logic:
    When the vehicle speed is sufficiently high a "coastdown" throttle is compared with the throttle pedal, when the throttle pedal is lower, regenerative braking is applied. This improve the vehicle speed control...
  2. Regular Update

    Added 4AT(4T21) in Soliad Wendover
    Added 18SCT(070204K2C2M7) in T-Series
    Fixed Legran/Wendover don't have AWD selection when using the mod
    Updated Automatic and Single Clutch gear whine sound, according to the 0.22 game update
    Re-arranged file structure "\vehicles\common\etk\etk_at_logicmod.jbeam" according to the 0.22 game update
  3. bugfix and some tuning

    Fixed ETKI 5AT OD-OFF gear lua error
    Fixed ETKI 4AT bogging down

    Tuning: 200BX 5AT and Grand Marshal 6AT reduced shift up delay, less probable to hit rev-limiter at kickdown.
    H mode on the Semi 12DCT
    H mode on the ETK800 8AT, starts at 2nd gear but with shift up, as a "comfort" mode
    Slightly increased ETK800 8AT aggression reduction speed
  4. Crawler Mode & Dual Clutch Transmission

    Added crawler mode to existing transmissions:
    Some transmissions have very low gear(s) to haul very heavy objects climbing steep incline or maneuvering at very low speeds. On light-duty operation, these gears can be skipped to accelerate quicker.
    BKNHCM gear selector.
    Backup, skip the crawler gears in reverse.
    Krawler, only use reverse crawler gears.
    Highway, skip the crawler gears in forward.
    Crawler, only use forward crawler gears.
    Crawler gear...
  5. Single Clutch Transmission Update

    Added a brand new transmission logic: Single clutch (automated manual) gearbox.

    Idle Creep, use a small amount of brake to disengage the clutch.(use the EngineInfo UI app)
    Realistic(somewhat) clutch and shifting time, no torque is transferred during shifts.
    Coast throttle (upshift) and rev-match throttle (downshift).
    Clutch engagement RPM based on throttle value, for initial acceleration.
    Jbeam adjustable parameters.

    Transmission list:
    800-Series, K-Series: 7SCT(081010M2)
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