Beta Utah county medical services skinpack 1.2

A medical skinpack made for utah

  1. foxu
    hello everyone today i have made a utah county medical services skinpack.
    i hope yall enjoy and feedback is appreciated!

    you will need this mod in order for the light bars to show properly:

    vehicles that have liverys
    -gravil roamer
    -d-series ambulance
    -h-series ambulance
    Screenshot2170.png Screenshot2171.png Screenshot2172.png

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  1. Utah county medical skinpack update

Recent Reviews

  1. supaunltd
    Version: 1.2
    Awesome! Also is there a reason that the "ambulance" on the hood is blue rather than yellow like all the other text?
    1. foxu
      Author's Response
      mhm! its supposed to represent the front of most AMR ambulance with the world ambulance on the front with stars of life on each side
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