Utah Race Week 1.4

Race around Utah, featuring AI, 10 courses, 16 achievements, and a save system!

  1. Version 1.4

    Hello again!
    • Fixed AI not working and game crashing
    • Improved AI parameters
    • Added special feature to enable player vehicle choice
    • Tweaked route for races #7 & #8
  2. Version 1.3.1

    Nothing to see here.
    • Fixed an oopsie with some art file names
  3. Version 1.3

    Fixes and remixes.
    • Improved the AI for most of the races (results may vary)
    • Moved a bunch of start & end points in the races
    • Added more AI racers for race #1
    • Changed the route for race #6
    • Changed some of the vehicles
    • Adjusted some of the race rewards
    • Added my standard "Race Info Tool" for the start of the scenarios
    • Replaced the "Head Start" achievement with a new one (you may need to delete your old save file if you have one, sorry!)
    • Fixed AI getting...
  4. Version 1.2

    • Fixed missing AI lines for several races
    • Slightly improved the AI for a few races
  5. Version 1.1

    Improvements have been done!

    • Tweaked the AI settings; they're less likely to overdo certain corners in some races
    • Added or moved a few objects and waypoints to slightly help out the player
    • Added more info to the pop-up Info box
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