The Greatest Off-Roading Map EVER Created

  1. The Originators
    FIRST: The YouTuber All-Star Challenge

    This is a custom scenario that's built from the bottom up to be as entertaining and challenging as can be. I hope all off these nominees accept taking part in this amazing event. If you're reading this and you are subscribed to any of these guys; feel free to let them know they've been challenged to take part in the MOST EXTREME BEAMNG CHALLENGE EVER CREATED. And if you are one of those YouTuber's reading this: DO IT!! :)

    Here's how things stack up so far:



    EXCELLENT runs by PlokTheMasterGamer(who used a Force Feedback steering wheel for his attempts...IMPRESSIVE) and our super fast leader thus far, BEAMJ!

    Camodo Gaming and Neilogical are tied with 9 of the 18 checkpoints. NICE! Now try to BEAT EACH OTHER!

    SWS Crash made it to checkpoint 8 before CHEATING XD and using the node grabber to roll his truck back on its wheels! He did however go on to finish his run. Respect.

    DavidInArk... WAHOOOOO! In your first attempts you made it to checkpoint 8 without any assistance. NICE! After many attempts you resorted on using the node grabber to finish... You knew your time wouldn't count! XD

    The Map:
    -18 custom scenarios.
    -MANY new paths.(AI supported[ish])
    -A completely revamped look.
    -Lots of fun ramps.
    -6 NEW Dirt Tracks
    -Just so much to do.

    I seriously think this is the best off-roading map made for any game and I hope you do too! I am a full-time employee at Geek Squad and a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. I've always found serving my community to be my job. I created this map in my spare time because I love this game and the community it has provided to so many. Thank you all so much for being a part of it!


    screenshot_2019-12-05_21-06-25.png screenshot_2019-11-05_02-55-22.png screenshot_2019-11-06_04-36-34.png screenshot_2019-11-12_20-09-10.png screenshot_2019-11-12_20-58-24.png screenshot_2019-11-12_20-59-06.png screenshot_2019-11-12_20-59-56.png screenshot_2019-11-12_21-00-22.png screenshot_2019-11-14_00-52-39.png screenshot_2019-11-15_00-01-33.png screenshot_2019-11-15_00-03-08.png screenshot_2019-11-15_00-05-10.png screenshot_2019-11-24_14-29-38.png screenshot_2019-11-25_19-11-45.png screenshot_2019-11-25_19-37-19.png screenshot_2019-11-25_20-02-09.png screenshot_2019-11-26_13-58-11.png

    If you encounter any issues/bugs with this map please let me know in the discussions tab rather than in the reviews. Thanks so much to all of you. I hope this brings many of you joy and happiness. This is my gift to you all!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


    1. tHUMBY.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. davis223E
    Version: .97
    Great map, but I hope this map gets an update one day..
  2. supaunltd
    Version: .97
    Awesome map with lots to explore!
  3. locualo
    Version: .97
    scenarios are broken sadly, the van in the jumps race blows its engine and the rally preparation is completely broken
  4. xRAxThanatos
    Version: .97
    Love the map by far the best Utah map out there, but have a new bug, or it's new to me. Can't see what I'm doing when changing parts, I go into the vehicle config and the camera stretches the FOV to like -1000 lol and it's really zoomed and stretched all over the place
  5. dolmuşcu
    Version: .97
    This is an offroad map but its also good for cruising still the best offroad map
  6. Peter Medz
    Peter Medz
    Version: .97
    Utah is still one of the top maps for fast rally racing.
  7. Verybumpy
    Version: .97
    Tons of crawler paths. Inner track courses could use more jumps. Some crawler paths are too steep i.e. impossible. Roads could be more fun if more side ramps, 'things' or toys were added.

    This map BEGS for a dozen TIME TRIALS courses but there currently are ZERO of.

    Visually its very pretty and well crafted; not cheap looking or slapped together.

    It can be improved but 5 stars cause its by far my favorite map to date.
    Version: .97
    I love this map! the hillclimbs are tons of fun with a rock bouncer! However, all the rock crawling sections (including the riverbed) are very easy and somewhat boring. but other than that, my favourite map of all time
  9. TrackpadUser
    Version: .97
    Really good map. I was expecting something boring quickly thrown together, but it has very nice hill climbs and trails, something that not a lot of maps have.

    I'll definitely use this as a testing grounds for some of my stuff.
  10. Ksawery
    Version: .97
    Great but without white lines on the tracks it would be much better
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