Beta Utah Sheriff Livery 1.0

UCSO Livery

  1. Scruffy517
    Utah Sheriff Livery


    Configurations may not work for some people

    BeamNGdrivex642021-02-0615-49-28.png BeamNGdrivex642021-02-0615-49-48.png BeamNGdrivex642021-02-0615-51-46.png BeamNGdrivex642021-02-0615-51-31.png


    Q. Are there configs?
    A. Yes, but it might not work for you.

    Q. Is it gonna be available on more cars?
    A. Maybe, I'm not sure.​

Recent Reviews

  1. Duck Pilot
    Duck Pilot
    Version: 1.0
    Fits well with the Utah map. I think you should make a skin for the D-series and the Hopper also.
  2. State Police
    State Police
    Version: 1.0
    Super.. Is there a Utah State Police?
    1. Scruffy517
      Author's Response
      I'm pretty sure someone already made one.. I think It's on the repo
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