Outdated V10 Car pack 5.51

One engine, many vehicles, many parts!

  1. Small fixes

    tittle says it all
  2. Failrace Craziness

    This update adds 2 "new" vehicles:
    -Hill climb spec Failrace Motorsports Moonhawk
    -Jelly car Gavril Roamer :)
  3. Hotfix

    Fixed the floating intake section on the Burnside TT V10.
  4. Insane trucks and SUVs

    This Update brings a couple of V10 powered SUVs and Pickups to this modpack.
    From the new features:
    - New 8 lug wheels
    -that's all :D
  5. Grand Marshal Update

    Shortened change log:
    -Added Grand Marshal
    -Redone all of the sounds and exhausts
    -Added Tinted Lights to all of the vehicles
    -Revisited Configs
    With @440cid We've created an SRT10 sounds addon which you can find here.

    Have fun and don't ruin Pap's drag car please!
  6. Barstow Drift edition fixes

    I just redid the Drift V10 config due to the previous version being really hard to control.
  7. Let there be Barstow!

    This update brings a couple of V10 Swapped Barstows to the game.
    They feature all of the standard stuff for this mod + newly modeled brakes!

    Sadly I didn't have any good and simple to execute ideas for radiator fans, but they will be added along with modeled brakes to all vehicles for the next update, as all of the classic american cars are done.

    No photos here, just to be different.
  8. Burnside update!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    This update brings a V10 Burnside Special, which makes this mod a modpack!
    Most of the features are shared between the Moonhawk and the Burnside, but I'll write them down over here too:
    -Window tint
    -Tinted indicators, headlights and taillights
    -Custom fully modeled V10 and Twin turbo setup
    -Few new transmissions
    -Custom configs
    -Exhaust- dependent engine volume
    -Straight pipe exhaust

    I think that these are all of the features for now.

    In the next...
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  9. Keep it pretty!


    This mod has received a proper engine model!

    And a few more small changes:
    -Drag config (with newly added stage 2 turbochargers) - it has 1500+hp and nitrous (when sprayed it can reach up to 2000hp!)

    -Drift config - retuned suspension, drift steering and an N/A V10

    -Window tint - Equipped by default in drift and drag...
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  10. Materials fix

    Nothing to say, just relocated the materials.cs file
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