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Beta V10 Downforce machine (race car) 1.0.1

940hp, 12000rpm, 1080kg and over 1000kg of downforce..... it's fast....

  1. SmokingTiresGaming
    Race car made in automation. It may not be the most beautiful thing but it's powered by 940hp 6,2l naturally aspirated V10 revving up to 12000 rpm! The top speed is limited to only 339kmh/210mph thanks to the downforce. The car weights only 1080kg and reaches 100kmh/60mph in 1,9 seconds. Thanks to the all wheel drive the car is easy to control and won't punish you for pushing it too far. It's a lot of fun to drive! (The car is called Group R4 V10)
    screenshot_2019-04-07_15-04-20.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-05-34.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-07-33.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-09-59.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-13-22.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-16-00.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-16-45.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-18-03.png screenshot_2019-04-07_15-44-34.png
    *Disclaimer* I realized afterwards that r4 is a rally class but was too lazy to change the made up name to something else.:p

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