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Beta V12 Bolide & Etk I-Series (custom sound) 0.2

Have you ever wanted that awesome V12- sound? - Of course

  1. POWAAAAAA & fixes

    - Engine is a bit louder
    - no more wrong engine parts

    This update adds:
    - 3 configs: 2 for the ETKI, 1 for the Bolide
    - Twin Turbos; go up to 45PSI
    - 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
    - Adjustable V12 ECU
    - Internals: - Stock and High Performance
    - V12 Radiators (more efficient)
    - Intakes: Stock, Sport (and Twin Turbos)
    - Wide Exhaust for the ETKI
    - Exhausts for the Bolide: Quad Custom, Straight Pipe

    maxed out engine:
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