v12 Neilogical Super Car Mk1 1.0

v12 Neilogical Super Car Mk1 Car Jump Arena

  1. Rico1990
    v12 Neilogical Super Car Mk1 - Dedicated to Neilogical For his Youtube channel, The Car Jump Arena and Crash Hard 2.0 Bridge.
    v12 Engine 744hp 7000rpm
    8 Speed Trans, Electronic RWD LSD
    Top speed of 400kph
    defaultv12_neilogical_super_car_mk1.png 20220210193321_1.jpg 20220210193329_1.jpg 20220210193337_1.jpg 20220210193349_1.jpg 20220210193358_1.jpg 20220210193410_1.jpg 20220210193434_1.jpg
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