Vade Puffin Supersport Concept 1.1

Insane Twin Turbo V10 Van that can go 200 or something

  1. foxvnop45
    This is my first mod to post on here. So I decided to set a good reputation for myself with this van thing that can go fast.
    The Puffin was Vade's fullsize van back in the 1970s through 1990s and it didn't really change at all. Each year they either updated safety or just did minor things to keep up with competition. But by 2012, they were bored, with all the other normal cars on the road, and they wanted to stand out. So they made 10 of these. These vans had the rear 3 seats removed so the massive 7690 cc engine could fit. They replaced the original chassis with a carbon fibre one, and replaced the steel body panels with aluminium. Double wishbone suspension, all the racing parts. Oh, and it has 6 exhaust pipes.
    The van has 1,182 horsepower and a top speed of 219 mph. Dual Clutch 7 speed gearbox. It is one heck of a racing machine. It beats out all the supercars from Gamborlhini and Gubatti. It also destroys the luxury SUV's like the Beltney Tenbayga and Ralf Omeo Telvios.

    Sure, it's huge, the rear tires scrape the fenders, and it does bounce a bit, but this is just a prototype/concept car.

    puffin1.png puffin2.png puffin3.png puffin4.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Not Batman
    Not Batman
    Version: 1.0
    Glad I'm not the only one who likes these ridiculous super-vans. Great job on the engine and transmission - quick response and nearly no turbo-lag. Pretty danged loud though. Could do with a little more grip at the front, but beyond that no real complaints.
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