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Experimental Vakarei Cerbalus Prime 1.001

Fastest Automation car. Period.

  1. HURTZ
    Ever wanted to go fast?
    Then this car's for you.
    Rocking the most massive V16 (yes you read that right) you can get, this car is MADE for speed.

    -Stable top wheel speed at 345mph (airspeed is closer to 369)
    -Rockin' engine sound
    -A massive blower
    -A ridiculous 3150HP (@6900RPM) and 3700ft-lb (@3800RPM)
    -Probably not the prettiest, but hey, an eccentric creator has their rights :p

    Tips on driving:
    *Pretty unstable under 4th gear, even with traction control. Take care.
    *Above 320mph, actually doesn't need the traction control. So you can take it off for the bragging rights of driving a 3000+HP speed machine without assistance.
    *This thing was made to go fast. Performance in corners, offroad or on anything that isn't a straight piece of tarmac not guaranteed.

    (PS Neil: if you don't like the paintjob or appearance, poke me and we can work on something :p)


    1. BeamNGdrivex64_2019-01-08_20-07-17.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous275
    Version: 1.001
    Very good looking but not the fastest :)
    1. HURTZ
      Author's Response
      There's a faster vanilla Automation car? HOW
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