Beta Vapor V12 Track Edition 1.0

Track edition of the Vapor V12

  1. SubieDoobieTwo
    This is a track day version of my Vapor with the same turbo V12 as the Aero V12 Turbo. It has a full roll cage and most of the interior has been removed to save weight. The gearing and suspension have been adjusted to deal with the increase in power and so have the brakes. Enjoy, and remember to smash that 5 star button!

    Here is the link for this cars hotlap around Hirochi, enjoy! Remember, videogames are frustrating sometimes. If you want to smash a button, make sure its the subscribe button!


    1. VaporTrackEditionphoto1.png
    2. VaporTrackEditionphoto2.png
    3. VaporTrackEditionphoto3.png
    4. VaporTrackEditionphoto4.png
    5. VaporTrackEditionphoto5.png
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