Outdated Variable Boost Turbo For V8 Pickup/Roamer 2016-02-10

V8 Variable Boost Turbo

  1. Josh
    Here is a simple engine jbeam edit to add a Stage 3 V8 Variable Boost Turbo in the tuning menu for V8 pickup and roamer.

    For power levels mild to wild this mod got you covered. (just to have fun)

    (450HP-4000HP , with adjustable "Clutch torque")

    Simply drag and drop into your mods folder.

    Enjoy :)

Recent Reviews

  1. RallyDriva
    Version: 2016-02-10
    Pretty good at times, but the cars seem to have a lot of trouble getting up and going. Turbos also barely reach peak.
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      This will be fixed, hopefully in the next reversion.

      What causes it, is long shift (of the stock transmissions) and the interia that's in the file to "simulate" a larger single charger.

      right now if you shift up rpm drops and boost is lost etc.
  2. dillon49graebe
    Version: 2016-02-10
    great mod just what ive been looking for
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