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Beta Various engines and parts 1.2.1

superchargers, turbos, v8's, high rev i4's and more to come

  1. Miramar temporary fix, real fix coming

    A temporary fix for the miramar, so it works partly, just no cummins, a real fix with the cummins is on the way
  2. Love for the new Pessima and more

    added V8 with trubo to the new Pessima
    added a full AWD/RWD System to the new Pessima including new rear spindles (need to fix stability of the wheels), rear suspension (need to some nodes), rear open and race diff, a driveshaft and two customizable transfercases (work with V8 and the AWD V6, may add some mod to support all engines later)
    added race and sequential 6 Gear Gearboxes to the new Pessima
    added a drift steering to the new Pessima (need to still fix things, so WIP)
  3. Cummins for the Pickup, ECU and Supercharger for the miramar...

    added a diesel Fuel Tank, the cummins diesel 12 valve (5.9Liter) and 24 valve (6.7Liter) to the Pickup and the Roamer pickup_parts1.png pickup_parts2.png

    added a stage 1 supercharger and an adjustable ECU to the Miramar

    some small fixes


    1. Miramar_parts.png
    2. pickup_parts3.png
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