Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 5.3

Universal mod for editing physics properties and swapping parts for official cars and most mods!

  1. Fixes and improvements of the powertrain system

    • Fixed wrong default gears amount for some transmissions
    • Fixed Indian Pigeon transmission swaps not working, but you still need to use the 1:1 rear final drive for the Pigeon
    • Tried to fix many bugs people reported but they don't happen for me (no idea why) so idk if I fixed them
    • Fixed heavy mixer tires exploding on spawn
    • Added adjustable drive ratios available for every single powertrain part in the mod, because why not? You can now create ridiculous wheelspin machines and exploding wheels
    • Added spindles with halfshafts support to Roamer, D-Series, H-Series. They may be added as official content soon and then I'll remove them
    • Added H-Drive drivetrain. What is it? I don't really have time to explain it in detail, it's similar to AWD but works way different and it's used for trucks and stuff. Roamer config with H-Drive included, it's useless on this car lol. It has not been tested for other cars and it's not guaranteed to work
    • Fixed a lot more stuff I forgot what exactly
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