Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 5.3

Universal mod for editing physics properties and swapping parts for official cars and most mods!

  1. More sound customization + adjustable engine parts

    Finally I had some time to update this mod.

    This update adds a very much requested feature: Combination of the engine values override with the engine swaps! I did it by simply introducing a customizable engine and some adjustable engine parts:
    They can be edited the same way as the values override, and you can make up to 4 MILLION horsepower with these parts now!

    The other big change is more sound adjustment options, for various parts of the engine and the transmission. They are in a new slot:

    With the new options you can:
    • Add the airbrakes sound to your car, you have to add it the same way as the thrusters:
    • Add the back-up beeper the same way, but you have to choose which beep sound you want to use:
    • Change the afterfire sounds, separately for instant, shift and sustained types of afterfire. All available options:
    • Change the transmission sounds - separately the in and out gear whine, both have the same opions:
    • Tune the transmission sounds in Tuning when you select them:
    • Change the turbo sounds - hiss, spin and blowoff valve separately. There are 7 samples, each has a stock, tuned and race version, + additionally there are semi and bus turbo sounds. Usage:
    • Tune the turbo sounds the same way as you can in the customizable turbo:
    • Change the shutoff and ignition sounds for the engine, separately for the engine and exhaust sound emiters. All have the same options:
    • Change the supercharger sound between the 3 samples and later tune it the same way as in the customizable supercharger:
    The last big thing I added is a bunch of weird horn sounds. They are in their own slot:

    Here is a full list (if you can see it):

    Other changes in this update:
    • Fixed legacy D-Series engine
    • Buffed OP Unbreakable long Block - it can survive 1000000000000 (1 trillion) Nm of torque now instead of 1000000000 (1 billion), it was possible to break it previously using some combinations in this mod lol
    • Renamed some parts so you can find them easier, it shouldn't break any of your configs, it's purely a visual change
    • Added dual variants of electric motors that have double the amount of torque of the normal ones, enjoy your 800 electric horsepower
    • Changed Wendover jump bindings so they don't break the thrusters anymore. To make the thrusters work on the Grand Marshal and the Bluebuck I'm afraid you have to rebind your hydraulics now.
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