Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 5.3

Universal mod for editing physics properties and swapping parts for official cars and most mods!

  1. 0.22 compatibility, configuration improvements, wheel hub swaps!

    This new update mainly focuses on configurations in the mod, but there's also other stuff. With the 0.22 game update, almost all the LeGran configs got broken, and also I had to make some Wendover configs. I used this opportunity to remake almost all of the mod's configs. Changelog (only big changes, there were many small ones too):
    • Removed Weight Reduction Autobello config due to broken steering and the fact that it made no sense. Added Wheelie Machine Autobello config instead, based on WhyBeAre's mattress video:
    • Added another Autobello config, Big Wheels. This is pretty self-explanatory, it makes use of the new wheel hub swap system:
    • Updated RC Car 200BX confg with Pigeon wheels that fit the car size better:
    • Updated Rusty Sport Grand Marshal config:
    • Added Covet Tiny Wheels config:
    • Removed LeGran Wreck config due to being useless, added Crashed Beater config instead:
    • Updated Offroad LeGran config with new universal differentials and new 0.22 parts:
    • Added Taxi Beater LeGran config:
    • Also similar Cop Beater config:
    • Added Firwood Fire Chief on Fire config for LeGran:
    • And the last config for LeGran with wooden wheels:
    • Updated Pessima The Useless config to be even more useless:
    • Added 4-wheel Pigeon config (it can't steer):
    • Updated Dubai Police Wheelie Edition SBR4, (accidentally) made a cool glow skin for it:
    • Added Bolide Fasn't config:
    • Added Wendover Crazy derby config:
    • Added Wendover F.A.S.T. config featuring a JUMP SYSTEM:
    • Added Sadlad Wendover config:
    • Added Liquid Bendover config:
    • Added roof racks to many configs, most with loads
    • Removed random unfixable broken configs that had exploding wheels
    • Additonally, most of the configs now have random jokes, memes and references on license plates when you spawn them!
    Aside from the configs, there is another big change in the mod: Wheel hub swaps! It lets you swap some wheel hubs by selectng "Wheel hub swap" in the wheels selector. Supported swaps:
    • 4-lug to no lug
    • 4-lug to 3-lug
    • 4-lug to 5-lug
    • 4-lug to 6-lug
    • 4-lug to 8-lug
    • 4-lug to heavy duty single 8-lug
    • 4-lug to heavy duty single 10-lug
    • 5-lug to no lug
    • 5-lug to 3-lug
    • 5-lug to 4-lug
    • 5-lug to 6-lug
    • 5-lug to 8-lug
    • 5-lug to heavy duty single 8-lug
    • 5-lug to heavy duty single 10-lug
    • 6-lug to no lug
    • 6-lug to 3-lug
    • 6-lug to 4-lug
    • 6-lug to 5-lug
    • 6-lug to 8-lug
    • 6-lug to heavy duty single 8-lug
    • 6-lug to heavy duty single 10-lug
    • 8-lug heavy duty dually to 10-lug heavy duty dually
    No lug wheel hubs support the wooden cannon wheels and the tiny Pigeon stabilizer wheels, 3-lug ones only support Pigeon wheels, heavy duty single 10-lug wheel hubs support the front bus wheels with bus or T-Series tires, and heavy duty dually 10-lug wheel hubs support the rear bus wheels with bus or T-Series tires. The T-Series wheels are so similar to the bus ones that it makes no sense to add them separately.

    There were also many small changes:
    • Updated LeGran engine, intake and ECU swaps accordingly to in-game changes
    • Added Wendover engine and ECU swaps (no new intakes from this one, all generic or reused from LeGran)
    • Added AWD lowrange transfer case from LeGran to transfercase swaps, and a customizable version too
    • Added lockable LSD from LeGran to diff swaps
    • Added openable LSD as well, and also universal which is both lockable and openable
    • Added multishaft to transfer case swaps, it's a shaft that splits the output into 4 and connects it to the halfshafts, it kinda acts like an unlimited welded differential for all 4 wheels
    • ECU swaps now list the limiter type, and optionally the RPM drop if it's the drop limiter
    • Fixed many typos
    • Added license plate support for walking mode so you can use this mod on it
    • Added license plate and engine edit support for cannon so you can use the mod on it, included 2 presets in save/load menu
    • Added option for exhaust mainfold swap for straight-through turbo which is now required for this turbo to work, without it the turbo will only affect the engine airflow (which affects the torque) but won't act as a turbo. You don't have to remove your current mainfolds to use it, but it might affect your intake because well, it changes all the pipes in the engine. (no visible changes, only physical)
    • Added powered stabilizers for Pigeon that support all wheel hubs
    Enjoy the new mod update that took me way too long to finish! In the future I'll make universal wheels support for cars that don't have it if possible.
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