Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 5.2

Universal mod for editing physics properties and swapping parts for official cars and most mods!

  1. Finally, brake swaps and adjustable brake values!

    So I finally added a working system of brake swaps and asjustable brake values. It was not easy, and there are reasons why brakes are not universal by default (most race/hillcilmb cars use identical brakes but they are added separately for each car for those reasons), so the system is quite weird. You have to keep in mind that:
    • My brakes behave weird visually, the calipers rotate with the wheels, the offset can be weird, some of the brakes (including all of the drum ones) are...
  2. More sound customization + adjustable engine parts

    Finally I had some time to update this mod.

    This update adds a very much requested feature: Combination of the engine values override with the engine swaps! I did it by simply introducing a customizable engine and some adjustable engine parts:
    They can be edited the same way as the values override, and you can make up to 4 MILLION horsepower with these parts now!

    The other big change is more sound adjustment options, for various parts of the engine and the...
  3. 0.22 compatibility, configuration improvements, wheel hub swaps!

    This new update mainly focuses on configurations in the mod, but there's also other stuff. With the 0.22 game update, almost all the LeGran configs got broken, and also I had to make some Wendover configs. I used this opportunity to remake almost all of the mod's configs. Changelog (only big changes, there were many small ones too):
    • Removed Weight Reduction Autobello config due to broken steering and the fact that it made no sense. Added Wheelie Machine Autobello config instead,...
  4. Small update: customizable 4WD transfer case

    I didn't like how the only choises you could make for the 4WD transfer case were a normal and Crawler version. So I made another customizable one.
    It adds a few new settings, the first one being the type of the rangebox gear ratios. You can choose:
    • 1:1 high ratio and customizable low ratio
    • Customizable high ratio and 1:1 low ratio
    • Customizable high ratio and customizable low ratio
    • -1:1 high ratio and customizable low ratio
    • -1:1 high ratio and 1:1 low ratio
  5. Negative gear ratios - more madness!

    This little update adds new gear ratio options for all powertrain cars: -1:1 Ratio and Negative Adjustable Ratio. If you use one of them, your car will drive in reverse! As an example, I added a Reverse Racing Miramar config, try to race with it!
    For the new H-Drive transfercase, negative gear ratios can be used individually for each driveshaft, it means that you can set each wheel to spin in reverse independently from the others! This is demonstrated in another new...
  6. Fixes and improvements of the powertrain system

    • Fixed wrong default gears amount for some transmissions
    • Fixed Indian Pigeon transmission swaps not working, but you still need to use the 1:1 rear final drive for the Pigeon
    • Tried to fix many bugs people reported but they don't happen for me (no idea why) so idk if I fixed them
    • Fixed heavy mixer tires exploding on spawn
    • Added adjustable drive ratios available for every single powertrain part in the mod, because why not? You can now create ridiculous wheelspin machines...
  7. Cooling system update

    This small update focuses on the cooling system of the vehicle. Changes:
    • Added intercoolers as separate parts from the turbos. There are quite a lot for you to choose from. You can swap for a better one to prevent overheating (leaving as empty means you just have the default one for this turbo). The bigger size the better, also note that modern cars generally have smaller intercoolers so in this case the older the better, except twin turbo intercoolers have double the power so...
  8. HUGE UPDATE: Transmission swaps, custom powertrains, new parts and configs!

    This is probably the biggest update in the history of this mod. In fact, combined with the previous one it could be a whole separate mod! Just look how many files it has now (these are not even all but just the folders with the most files), and remember that the original first version of the mod was just 1 4KB file (it might have been one of the smallest working mods in the game's history actually):


    The 2 biggest additions in the mod are connected to each other...
  9. The Engine Swap Update

    This new update lets you swap any in-game engine to any car the same way as you could manually edit engine values previously! Not only that, but you can also put any in-game engine tuning parts in it, and there are A LOT of them! Keep in mind that there won't be any visual change or weight difference, just performance.
    You equip it the same way as the engine value settings, in the Nitrous slot:
    It is recommended to detune your engine to the default factory setup...
  10. Finally, stable vehicle size edit!

    I have finally made the vehicle size edit more stable! I did it by making the scaling time adjustable in the Tuning menu:


    Increasing this value reduces the time in which the resizing forces are applied, which basically means the car won't explode instantly. Note that you should NOT use it when you are not changing the car's size, because it makes the game lag terribly for the amount of time you set there and generally can break stuff. Also, on most cars the wheels...
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