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Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 2.7

Universal mod for editing global physics properties of all official cars and most mods!


    So I was testing some random stuff yesterday and I found out that with proper thrusters settings and the Nomi GTRX wing you can make a flying car that is surprisingly easy to control, and even easy to land, unlike some other flying car mods. So I made separate thrusters group dedicated to flying and created a config that uses them for the mod:



    How do you control this flying car?
    • First you have to make sure you have no bindings...
  2. Sound sample selector

    In additon to editing the default engine and exhaust sounds, you can now change the sound samples to edit as well! The sound editor has sub-slots now:

    Here's the full list of available engine sample sounds:
    • Cannon
    • eSBR electric motor
    • Vivace/Tograc E electric motor
    • Old Autobello F4
    • Current Autobello/SBR4 F4
    • Automation F4/B4
    • Old SBR4 F4
    • Automation F6/B6
    • Pigeon I3
    • Vivace/Tograc I3
    • Common I4 Diesel
    • Old common I4
    • Current...
  3. Hotfix

    Quick hotfix of the intake muffling value for sound editor. Also changed some descriptions.
  4. Sound editor + customizable thrusters

    It's probably the last major update to the mod. I'm running out of stuff I can edit this way lol. It adds the following:
    • You can now equip a sound editor in the engine editor slots:
    • When equipped you will see this:
    There are 2 types of sounds you can edit: the unmuffled raw engine sound you will hear at the front of the car, and the muffled exhaust sound at the back. They can be...​
  5. Customizable intakes!

    You can now customize your engine intake. Note that you should only do it if you know how to edit the torque curve. There are now 3 more options to choose as sub-slots:

    Standard intake is for everything that is not a supercharger or a turbo. It works by adding extra torque on set RPM points, so it's basically an extra torque curve:

    If the engine has a supercharger, use the supercharger intake override. It's less complex but can also add a...

    So I was digging through the files of the Piccolina and I found an old code for speed stress testing that had thrusters in it. I got it to work and noticed the thrusters were attached to the bottom of the chassis. Then I remembered that the devs said that most of their vehicles are very similar in terms of bottom chassis so I tested if the thrusters would work if used on other vehicles. And they did.
    Equip the mod's license plate, then hold T to thrust forward, E to...
  7. Easier engine tuning for official vehicles

    • Fixed Dubai Police light bar not working for some people due to a conflict with whatever mod they have
    • Added presets for official vehicles (not proper configurations because that's too much work):
    Now instead of editing the engine values of official vehicles "from scratch", you load one of these and you have a customizable engine ready to mess around with! They have preset stats 99-100% accurate to their in-game equivalents! There are presets for...
  8. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE ENGINES + new and reworked configs

    This update enables you to customize the engine of your car! I call it 2.0 because it's now basically 2 mods in 1! It is a bit tricky and works differently than the rest of the mod, so pay attention:
    • To start using the engine mod, opn the engine slot of your car. Make sure you choose the stock long block prior - all other blocks can and will conflict with some values of the mod, breaking the engine! If the mod you are using it on has no long block options, you don't have to worry...
  9. Quick little update but it has FIRE

    In the meantime while working on a bigger update, I discovered some new stuff and decided to make use of it. This update allows you to mess around with fire values:
    There are no new configs with it yet, but at least one is planned for the future. You can make some epic things with these values:
    A thing to note: Self-Ignition behaves weird, it only affects parts that have pre-defined self-ignition as 0 or 1 and all the rest have 0 by default...
  10. Configurations, adjustments, and more madness

    Based on the feedback I got, I made an update to the mod. Changelog:
    • Tweaked a few sliders so they don't "snap" as much
    • Changed descriptions of many slders to make them more informative and easier to use
    • Added the ability to set 0 or -1 as a value on a few sliders, just for fun. It's available on the Scale Up part. You can now for example set negative size (only do it with max resistance and weight and min damping and stiffness), the game will attempt to flip the vehicle...
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