Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 6.1

Universal mod for editing physics properties and swapping parts for official cars and most mods!

  1. Customizable flywheel and torque converter

    I added a customizable flywheel and torque converter. Each of them has normal and experimental settings, the latter are not recommended to equip as they can break the car instantly.

    Normal settings for torque converter:
    • Diameter
    • Stiffness
    • Stall torque ratio
    • Coupling AV ratio
    • Lockup clutch torque
    • Inertia
    • Lockup RPM
    • Lockup gear
    Experimental settings for torque converter:
    • Hard-code torque value
    • K factor smoothing (can be overwritten by 4x4...
  2. Dynamic size and weight controls (sort of)

    For this update I tried something different, and I'm not sure if it went really well. I decided to mess with some LUA, and add options to change the car's weight and size in real time. To use them you have to assign some key bindings that you can find at the bottom of the list like with my gun mod.

    In order to use them, you need to equip a new part under the license plate slot:

    They work by increasing/decreasing the car's size and weight...
  3. Turbocharger swap selection improvements

    I've noticed that turbocharger swaps were confusing, you could never tell how much boost you will get with each turbo, and it was especially confusing with modern ones that heavily rely on ECU. So I made everything more clear.

    When selecting a turbocharger, it will now show the wastegate PSI in front of its name:

    Cherrier turbos are now at the bottom of the list, as they are electronically controlled and make a variable amount of boost depending on the chosen boost...
  4. Hotfix 2

    Fixed Bolide stage 2 twin turbo swap not adding any turbo, only an intercooler lol. It now adds a powerful 250hp turbo as it should.
  5. A couple of improvements

    • Increased upper limit of all wastegate settings for all custom turbos in the mod
    • Added tiny 3-lug fake dually wheels usable on smaller cars without visual clipping
  6. Hotfix

    Fixed not being able to use fake dually wheels on trailers
  7. 'Dually' and some other wheels for heavy duty wheel hub swaps!

    This small update adds new wheels to heavy duty wheel hubs, both front and rear, both 8-lug and 10-lug. You can find them next to normal ones:
    fdasdfsd.png daasdsd.png
    They are called 'Fake Dually' because they are not really dually, just widened and heavier normal wheels, because adding dually to universal hubs is impossible.
    Full list of new wheel types:
    • Dually 8-lug (both designs included and all tires)
    • Triple 8-lug (only basic...
  8. Improvements to friction settings + new Bolide and Basion stuff

    Basically the only new big thing in this update is the fact that sliding tire friction setting is now separate from static friction setting, and also both now allow negative values:
    Included updated Bolide "No Grip" config to showcase this change:
    Also updated "Fasn't" config to look faster and be slower:
    And added new "Gokart" config:
    For the Bastion added "Police Offroad Beast":...
  9. Update for BeamNG 0.24, experimental engine parts!

    This small update adds some stuff that was introduced in BeamNG 0.24.
    First thing is radiator sounds that you can customise in sound editor (not all cars have these sounds by default yet):
    The second is some more turbo sound tuning options (I forgot which ones are old and which new lol):
    And also previously I forgot to add flutter samples, they are here now:
    I also merged my no lug wheel hubs with the vanilla center...
  10. Config fix

    Fixed configs that broke in 0.24
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