Experimental Vehicle Global Strength, Weight, Size and Other Values Edit (WORKS FOR MODS!) 5.3

Universal mod for editing physics properties and swapping parts for official cars and most mods!

  1. Finally, stable vehicle size edit!

    I have finally made the vehicle size edit more stable! I did it by making the scaling time adjustable in the Tuning menu:


    Increasing this value reduces the time in which the resizing forces are applied, which basically means the car won't explode instantly. Note that you should NOT use it when you are not changing the car's size, because it makes the game lag terribly for the amount of time you set there and generally can break stuff. Also, on most cars the wheels...
  2. Custom intake

    Quick and simple update that lets you add a supercharger and/or a turbo to a car that doesn't have it by default.
    You simply select "Custom Intake" in the Intake Override slot, and then you can add a supercharger, a turbo or both:
    Of course they are fully customizable, I literally copied the code from the values overwrite part and added some more lines so they can act as separate intakes.
    I also fixed the issue with the supercharger generating negative power by...
  3. I forgot about the D-Series

    Last time I forgot to fix the D-Series config.

    I updated the derby config and now it's a combination of the old one and the new in-game one:

    I also made the terrible beater version even more terrible, it's 2 times weaker than before, has a broken smoking engine and a lot of missing and replaced parts, making it the worst car ever:
  4. 0.21 compatibility update

    • Fixed configs broken by update 0.21

    • Updated derby configs with 0.21 parts and skins

    • Beater Covet got removed so I made my own version:

    • Changed the weird K-Series config into a Racing Academy one:

    • Added more weak rusty beaters with broken engines and missing/mismatched parts, using the 0.21 rusty skins:



    • Also added a couple of fast rusty...
  5. OP brake pads

    Many people wanted more durable brake pads. While it's not possible to define new brake pad types easily, I found out that there is an unused type in the game, which was probably used for brake thermals debug by the devs long ago and wasn't removed. I made it possible to select it.


    Here is it in action, withstanding extreme temperatures:

    Normal brake pads for comparison:

  6. Small improvement of the thrusters system

    Nothing big but it will hopefully make the thrusters easier to use.
    They are no longer separated between normal and flying ones. All thrusters behave as flying thrusters and are now selectable as a sub-slot for the license plate:
    Only one type will work for each car. Honestly there is no formula for it, it's based on how the devs set up the Jbeam of it. Just try both body and frame/chassis and see which one works. (Obviously the Bolide has separate working ones now)

    So I was testing some random stuff yesterday and I found out that with proper thrusters settings and the Nomi GTRX wing you can make a flying car that is surprisingly easy to control, and even easy to land, unlike some other flying car mods. So I made separate thrusters group dedicated to flying and created a config that uses them for the mod:



    How do you control this flying car?
    • First you have to make sure you have no bindings...
  8. Sound sample selector

    In additon to editing the default engine and exhaust sounds, you can now change the sound samples to edit as well! The sound editor has sub-slots now:

    Here's the full list of available engine sample sounds:
    • Cannon
    • eSBR electric motor
    • Vivace/Tograc E electric motor
    • Old Autobello F4
    • Current Autobello/SBR4 F4
    • Automation F4/B4
    • Old SBR4 F4
    • Automation F6/B6
    • Pigeon I3
    • Vivace/Tograc I3
    • Common I4 Diesel
    • Old common I4
    • Current...
  9. Hotfix

    Quick hotfix of the intake muffling value for sound editor. Also changed some descriptions.
  10. Sound editor + customizable thrusters

    It's probably the last major update to the mod. I'm running out of stuff I can edit this way lol. It adds the following:
    • You can now equip a sound editor in the engine editor slots:
    • When equipped you will see this:
    There are 2 types of sounds you can edit: the unmuffled raw engine sound you will hear at the front of the car, and the muffled exhaust sound at the back. They can be...​
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