VEMIO E-Qlasse E-DID 2020 HB 1.0

My most important car, and has been on sale for 12 gens since 1933. Includes drawings & history.

  1. MEM756
    This is my most important car to date. The "Typ L097N 12th generation of the VEMIO E-Qlasse E-DID Hatchback 2020 Prefacelift", or just VEMIO E.DID MK12, which was designed back in 2018.

    My first desing of the VEMIO E-DID for 2019 Model-year (Drawing by pencil, on notebook)

    A pre-production concept from 2018, called VEMIO E-SEE Concept.

    This is a Compact Hatchback from the Ingloturkian-Ceromian brand VEMIO, the successor of the KAON brand, this car with 87 years old, was first introduced in 1933 as a compact car, cheap, and reliable.(See full story here, not completed yet to be written in-site)

    Now, 85 years later, its12th gen arrived, and I wanted to make this car real for Earth.

    This car suposedly is Hybrid or full Electric, not at Gasoline, but that's the only available on

    My first computer drawing by paint of it, made in 2019.

    All the variants for the hatchback, prefacelift, facelift and 2nd facelift. This is a plan page, may come soon or not, not sure yet.

    All the body variants for the NORMAL E-Qlasse MK12 (there are plenty other models in the E-Qlasse, but these are only the main MK12 E-Qlasse, not sure I can make all of them in Automation).

    The Colour Palette (to be added)
    Now, today, (on August 17th 2020) I made its first drivable version, on Automation, and I feel very proud of that.
    A Screenshot of the Front View in Automation, of the VEMIO E-DID MK12 2020.

    Now a Rear View.

    Next, a front View of the same car in Grid Map,

    The Rear View.

    It jumps really far. Also, it has a very strong suspension, lasts so long, don't worry for street imperfections.

    A jump from Rear View.
    An "Epic" Jump, Side View
    A look to underneath. It has a V6, just enough, but it drives excellently.

    A view at the evolution of all of them.

    The crash test is realistic, it's fun to do so!

    Thanks for watching. Feel free to test this awesome car, and all my other cars. you woon't waste your time doing so. This is a whole experience. Hope you enjoyed looking at the story of this very important car and all of it's features as much as I enjoyed making them. Tell me down below what do you think about this car, and tell me if you wanna know more about it, or which of the bodies you want me to make first after this. Remember to watch the history at my wikia:

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Amazing! Reminds me VW and Mercedes :)
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Thanks man! I've seen you really LOVE my cars, ...Yeah ... Actually I was inspired by those two brands. Mercedes Benz by innovation and the nameplate, and Volkswagen (I actually I kinda based this off the new Jetta ...), by design (actually Honda comes here in ...), and doing a car for the people, putting that innovation and technology at a low price ... that has actually been going up ... that's why VEMIO has over 40 products below the E-Qlasse! You can now go and try the N-DID out! They'll all come eventually ...
  2. DaddelZeit
    Version: 1.0
    Very cool!
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Thanks! As you might have seen, I'll slowly be uploading the variants of body, and trim of this car, be pacient, and it might surprise you!
  3. Hunter Atkins
    Hunter Atkins
    Version: 1.0
    Love your process!!! Very cool car keep it up!
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Hunter Atkins Thank you so much! I also love your cars, have alot of cool styling and great features, they all feel yours. I'm currently working on other cars based on my drawings, which I've drawn my many own cars, they'll be uploaded soon too!
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