Alpha Verro VT/T 1.0.0

King of the stree- road.

  1. Natandog
    Verro VT/T
    Uhh, the VT 208 has some HP.
    VVT 508 AC has more HP.
    The VVTS 528 AC has 999 Hp and 999 feet of torque.
    i know one


    1. screenshot_2018-11-16_16-39-56.png
    2. screenshot_2018-11-16_16-39-06.png
    3. screenshot_2018-11-16_16-38-42.png
    4. screenshot_2018-11-16_16-37-24.png
    5. screenshot_2018-11-16_16-36-56.png
    6. screenshot_2018-11-16_16-36-49.png

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