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Viktria Boxer-Coupé 1.01

"THIS is the German BRZ of the 1970's, and in this video I'm going to tell you why"

  1. Chipskate
    1973 Viktria Boxer-Coupé
    1800 Rallye

    front.png rear.png

    A lightweight and peppy sports coupe from Germany, featuring a 1,8-litre aluminium boxer-four with 116 BHP, independent suspension on all four wheels and a five-speed manual gearbox. Oh, and before I forget:
    * Color can be changed in vehicle config menu (Ctrl+W)

    NOTE: The car does suffer from some lift-off oversteer, so take it easy with trail-braking. I've only tested it with a racing wheel, so I can't guarantee it'll be drivable with a controller.​

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Recent Reviews

  1. Thombike
    Version: 1.01
    That's what I like! Very clean, good builded car. Have some accuracy issues, but anyway, maybe one day I see here builds only, like this one.
  2. TheCrySick
    Version: 1.01
    It's a really cool looking car ! i gonna test it soon ! :)

    I have just two questions :
    - Is it a FWD, a RWD or a AWD/4WD transmission ?
    - If you have some time, could you explain me how to do a colorable strip on an automation car for BeamNG please ? :P
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