Beta Vivace BRX car (beam Rallycross) 1.1

A fast awd rallycross car. I didint use any of the rules of rallycross for this car.

  1. 1111milo
    My first config mod or mod in general. Its pretty bad.

    Made as a prototype for an upcoming class of rallycross that uses 2.5 liter i5,i4 or v6 engines. Created to help promote the vivace s models due to slumping sales. It uses a modified version of the vivace hillclimb car engine and uses the tarmac brc car as the base instead of creating new suspension and coilovers etc.

    The project was fazed out due to lack of money and more focus on electric and hybrid suv, and crossover models. Also the title sponsor Alder wheels wanted the rallycross car to use there wheels but Cherrier couldnt find proper wheels from alder for the project.

    Acceleration: 0-60 (0-100 kph) in around 2.2-2.3 secs.
    Quarter mile in about 10.2 secs.
    Engine/Transmission 2.5 liter i5 engine with race ecu ,stage 2 turbo and a very short geared 6 speed sequential manual transmission.
    Suspension: Uses rally suspension and tarmac coilovers.
    Body/aero: Uses rally aero on top of a vivace s body.
    Tires: Tarmac rally or Gravel rally tires.


    1. Vivace_Rallycross_day.jpg
    2. Vivace.jpg
    3. Vivace_Rallycrossnight.jpg

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  1. A more refined rallycross car.

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  1. Rederaar23
    Version: 1.1
    very nice good job
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