Beta Vivace Street Tuned 1.3

This is my first mod/config.

  1. RealGunpreacher
    Hey , i am Proud to present you my first mod , the Vivace Street Tuned :D

    Info:So this car is Based on the Vivace 270 , with a completly modified Body and a modified i4 and a tuned exhaust.

    Specs: 0-100 kmh (60mph) :4.65 Seconds
    1/4 Mile : 12.9 Seconds
    Top Speed : 283
    Horsepower : About 380 hp
    Weight : 1482 KG (3268 LB)
    Powertrain: AWD
    Transmission : 6 Speed Manual

    UPDATE 1.2
    A completly new custom engine! A powerful 2.5l i4 engine :D (made with jbeam) And a loud exhaust
    Now with 380HP,4.3 seconds to 60/100kph.

    UPDATE 1.3
    Some little Improvement to the Handling and Optics

    Enjoy :D

    Special Feature: Air Suspension(Requiers @Kona61 `s mod Cherrier Vivace Air Suspension | BeamNG)

    Pics :


    Special Thanks to :
    @Kona61 (Permissions for the Air Suspension)
    @Bifdro For testing and ideas
    @Confused_Deer43 For Testing,suggestions,help

    Feel free to give some feedback and suggestions :D

Recent Updates

  1. Handling + Optics Improvements
  2. New Custom engine!
  3. Air Suspension

Recent Reviews

  1. Cincinnatus
    Version: 1.3
    Very cool!
    1. RealGunpreacher
      Author's Response
      Amazing , that you like it! Glad to hear that :)
  2. SuperMarioRL
    Version: 1.2
    Nice mod! I'm proud to had a look at it before the update! ^^
    1. RealGunpreacher
      Author's Response
      I thank you :D Still working on a new mod. Woopsie , did i leak something? xD
  3. gtatrickcar
    Version: 1.1
    Very awesome mod good for drifting <3
    1. RealGunpreacher
      Author's Response
      Awesome! Have fun with drifting :D
  4. Kemro
    Version: 1.1
    Really cool ! The Air suspensions really add something to it !
    1. RealGunpreacher
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your Review , glad to hear that :)
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