Beta Vivace Stuff Pack! 1.5 I4

Pack of various stuff for the Cherrier FCV.

  1. The Rally Update

    Finally new content! And along with it, way more fun to be had!
    • You can now adjust the idle RPM roughness with the racing ECUs on
    • The tunable gauges' ranges have been adjusted
    • The electric RPM gauge's redline has been changed to more accurately show when you're starting to lose power
    • New rally and rallycross skins
    • New Furry City Amateur Rally configs (one for asphalt and one for gravel)
    • New...
  2. ECU mods + I3 racing parts!

    - The ECU ranges and defaults were reconfigured to work better with the Vivace engines
    - New racing heavy block and turbo for 1.2 I3
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