Vivace:TBR Special 7.3

By Brandon Draws

  1. Brandondraws
    Bugs have been fixed mod working as intended
    check the discord for more beamng content

    This update includes: look at pictures at bottom
    - 5.9 sec drag car
    - 5 different motors
    - New bumpers and wings for better handling
    - Damping tuned, Suspension tuned, Motor tuned for rally
    - Better breaks
    - torque vectoring and racing Limited slip differential
    - 6 lug wheel hub optional
    - Stronger skid plate and front bumper
    - Drift steering and motor
    - Stronger and more gripey drag tiers
    This mod will be the fastest Vivace ever . period. I have created a custom motor for this car so you can do this. These are the specs for the custom configurations. it should drive a lot better now

    5.9669 second quatre mile at 305.27 mph
    7:45 around the Nürburgring
    6 lug wheels and better torque vectoring
    now has drift steering
    Feel more natural and better for drifting on dirt.
    Land Speed record
    top speed 600 mph ish


    1. unknown6.png
    2. unknown5.png
    3. unknown4.png
    4. unknown3.png
    5. unknown2.png
    6. unknown1.png
    7. unknown.png
    8. BAJA.jpg
    9. DRAG.jpg
    10. DRIFT.jpg
    11. LandSpeedRecord.jpg
    12. RACE.jpg
    13. RALLY.jpg

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. j-beam infrastructure
    j-beam infrastructure
    Version: 7.2
    Hm, I must rise to this challenge!
  2. CarFanatic86
    Version: 3.0
    It's a great mod, I like the multiple configs, and it's fast.
  3. mrwallace888
    Version: 3.0
    Eh... Could be better. I have my own Vivace config that has a land speed record of 707 MPH in airspeed. I use an airspeed speedometer instead of a regular one because a regular speedometer just calculates speed based on how fast the tires are spinning. When achieving fast speeds like these, your regular speed is usually much higher than your actual speed, hence the airspeed speedometer being more accurate.
    1. Brandondraws
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