Beta Vivace:TBR Special 7.2

By Brandon Draws

  1. World Fastest vivace TBR special working

  2. just getting better

  3. vivace TBR Special Tunes

    Now handles better is fast and better for off-roading drag version does a 5.9 quarter mile at 300mph
  4. 507mph vivace car jump arena weapon

    This update includes:
    - 4 sec drag car
    - 3 new motors
    - torque vectoring , lsd , and active differentials
    This mod will be the fastest Vivace ever . period. I have created a custom motor for this car so you can do this. These are the specs for the custom configurations. it should drive a lot better now

    Drag version
    0-60: 1.5 sec
    top speed : 307mph
    Quadrature mile : 5 sec
    Land speed record version
    0-60: 2.8 sec
    top speed : 507mph...
  5. 507mph vivace car jump arena weapon

  6. Fly far on the car jump arena or do some 430 mph speed runs what ever it is it will be silent.

    This mod will be the fastest vivace ever . period
    0-60: 1.5 - 3.6
    top speed : 210mph - 430 mph
    Quadrature mile : 4 sec
    Car_Jump_Arena.jpg Wheeliemachine.jpg


    1. screenshot_2021-05-20_15-27-07.png
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