VTEC Engine Collection (Pessima,Covet,200BX) 0.3b

A lot of V-TEC engines

  1. James 2102
    A lot of V-TEC Engines

    -D16A1 For Covet
    -F20C For ETKC
    -B16B For Covet
    -B16A1 For Covet

    -R18Z1 For Covet
    -F20C For 200BX
    -C30A For New Pessima

    And it adds a LOT of ecu's for different RPMS

    -7100 RPM ECU (Covet)
    -7600 RPM ECU (Covet)
    -9000 RPM ECU (Covet)
    -9500 RPM ECU (Covet)
    -6700 RPM ECU (Covet)
    -10 000 RPM ECU (Covet)
    -9200 RPM ECU (200BX)
    -10 000 RPM ECU (200BX)
    -7100 RPM ECU (New Pessima)

    And quite a bit of configs

    -D16A1 Standard
    -D16A1 Tuned
    -B16B Standard
    -B16B Tuned
    -B16A1 Standard

    -B16A1 Tuned
    -F20C Standard
    -F20C Tuned
    -C30A Custom (New Pessima)

    I hope you enjoy this pack as I worked really hard on it for a couple of days so please leave a rating, Thank you.



    Leave suggestions to make this pack better!

    I don't know why I'm doing colorful letters but okay :D

    ONE LAST THING, Please Checkout The Other Engine Mods Listed -

    J30A1 mod - https://www.beamng.com/resources/j30a1-v6-vtec-engine-for-midsize.6589/

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    F23A1 mod - https://www.beamng.com/resources/honda-i4-f23a1-vtec-engine-for-midsize.6506/

    Honda City Engine mod - https://www.beamng.com/resources/er-1-2-honda-city-engine-for-covet.6562/

    Have Fun


    1. b16a1_standard.png
    2. D16_7100.png
    3. D16_7600_sleeper.png
    4. F20C_sleeper.png
    5. F20C_standard.png

Recent Reviews

  1. JimTheGamer Guuy
    JimTheGamer Guuy
    Version: 0.3b
  2. Jakee1202
    Version: 0.3b
    Great mod but i think it should have some custom sounds
  3. MrSeatbelt
    Version: 0.3b
    great mod, but sadly no engine sounds (or their just way to quiet)
    1. James 2102
      Author's Response
      I haven't gotten to updating this mod in a long time, Since I'm very busy with life right now. When I have time, I'll get back to it.
  4. Ian5700™
    Version: 0.3b
    Amazing but could you get the F20C to work with the Pessima and Covet?
    1. James 2102
      Author's Response
      lots of f20c ports. Of course I can
  5. zeeku22
    Version: 0.2b
    This is amazing, I owned an ap1 S2k for three and a half years and the f20c is amazingly realistic, im planing to buy another in june of this year. I was wondering if there is a way you can make the f20c compatible with the etk K series?
    1. James 2102
      Author's Response
      I'm glad you find it realistic, and sure I can port it to the ETK K Series. No problem.
  6. Szymon2007
    Version: 0.2b
    is the c30 engine form the NSX or im just an idiot
    1. James 2102
      Author's Response
      Yes its from the NSX
  7. Benja_drift
    Version: 0.2b
    Hey man, this is a super cool mod. Can i suggest 2 configs? the honda beat engine(650cc), and the 1st gen crx mugen ?Thx
    1. James 2102
  8. Kueso
    Version: 0.2b
    Now this is probably the best V-TEC mod out there
    great work!
    1. James 2102
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it :D
  9. PSProductions Twin T
    PSProductions Twin T
    Version: 0.2b
    vtec kicked in bro
    1. James 2102
      Author's Response
  10. Your average car dude
    Your average car dude
    Version: 0.2b
    Thx bro. Love the new mod:)
    1. James 2102
      Author's Response
      Haha, Yeah sure man, Leave suggestions I'm always up for it.
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