Wasteland 2.1

A Post-Apocalyptic Map

  1. Remastered

    Spencer Johnson

    This is a remaster of an old classic of mine, wasteland! Decided to do this to fix some performance issues (It's still quite intensive) and texture issues along with adding new lighting and weather effects!


    Wasteland.jpg 20200804153531_1.jpg 20200804153526_1.jpg 20200804153425_1.jpg
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  2. Scenery Update

    Spencer Johnson
    Scenery Update


    -Fixed black void
    -Added more plants
    -Added outside terrain
    -Added ocean
    -Fixed ramp in cave
    -Added Train Track

    Wasteland3.png Wasteland2.png Wasteland1.png
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  3. MODERATION : zip renamed

    Spencer Johnson
    MODERATION : zip renamed
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  4. Wasteland Working Update

    Spencer Johnson
    Wasteland now works and doesn't crash when you start it, I think lol

    Bug fixes Update

    -Fixed missing files
    -Added Nothing
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