Wavebreaker Shores (w/ custom vehicles + scenarios!) 9/1/17

A MotorStorm-Style Island Rally Course

  1. Playing Nice

    -Compressed vehicle skin sizes (they now load a little faster as well)
    -Made it so that the vehicles' thumbnails now play nice with DuneWulff's Config Pack
    -Fixed Burnside Toro's skin not wanting to reflect anything
    -Made scenarios a little bit easier
    -Added "tips" sections to FTC scenarios
    -Changed scenario thumbnails to Rockheap-style ones which featured the track logo!
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  2. AI tweaks

    Ai no drive into thing no more
  3. Forgotten Scenarios

    Added scenarios for the following vehicle classes:
    Racing Truck
    Monster Truck (kinda)

    also removed more unneeded files.
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