Unsupported WBIMP Game Expansion 2.0

Update 2.0: The 80's are calling...

  1. The Redux

    According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia anyone can edit,
    "redux" stands for brought back, or restored.
    And thats exactly what this mod is now.

    Welcome to
    WBIMP 2.0:
    The REDUX


    Image Gallery
    (more pictures here)
    2lBba5h.jpg 6nwH9Z2.jpg 7p9UUvU.jpg ...
  2. pre-release bugfixes

    -fixed I5 poking thru the hood of the ETKI series Sportcoupe
    -fixed borked 7.2L V8 diesel exhaust
  3. The Ultimate (1994 Pessima, Group Beam Cars, and More!)

    Yes folks, its here
    The Biggest, and Baddest update yet

    Well, what am i waiting for! here are the specs:

    -Reworked IBX Covet (shorter wheelbase, less jagged, jbeam updates)
    screenshot_2019-12-18_19-59-36.png screenshot_2019-12-18_19-59-43.png screenshot_2019-12-18_19-59-53.png
    -Reworked ETK-I Sportcoupe (looks more like a Sport Quattro)
    screenshot_2019-12-18_20-01-24.png screenshot_2019-12-18_20-01-38.png
    -Reworked 2020 SBR4...
  4. Bugfixes #1 (plus some cool stuff!)

    Hey all!
    Just finished up a bugfix update for WBIMP!
    the changes include:
    -Fixed IBX chairs
    -made IBX front compatable w/ normal Covet (fenders dont line up exactly, cant really fix that tho)
    -fixed the DCT tranny on the V8 ETK's that didnt line up
    -updated 200BX Pessima panels
    -Added a hobby V8 for the Pigeon, used in Lil rocket config
    -fixed 89 Pessima IRD wing
    -added 19x9/10 Fiesta Activa rims
    -other minor fixes

    and more!

    Have fun!
  5. pre-update fixes

    removed Stance nation ETK-800
    other small audits
  6. 1.0--- Its been a long journey.

    I dont expect this to get much attention at all, but WBIMP 1.0 is out.
    yes, in its fullest.
    most everything is redone, and most all bugs are gone.
    Let me know if there are any, but not in the reviews, i will make a thread.
    -weird Piccolina thumbnails, possible issues with brakes on certain models.
    -Covet IBX passenger seat wacc
    -no updated starter sounds on most engines.
    -some models are one sided, working on a fix

    Please, give me a break people. This...
  7. Autobello Power Part 2!

    Hello all once again!
    this update brings lots of new stuff to the table, and fixes a TON of broken crap.
    while some of it will remain kinda glitchy, and a bit wonky, all of those leftover bugs will be hammered out very soon.

    -around 20/25 new configs in total for the 98' Pessima and the Autobello.
    -replaced supercharged I6 diesel with V8 turbodiesel (sounds are EXPERIMENTAL)
    -AWD Piccolina! (NOTE: Use the limited slip diffs at your OWN risk- they have a weird bug where the wheels explode if...
  8. Piccolina Powaaa! +More

    yallo again
    quick lil update that brings out the Piccolina with a new engine option!
    1.4/1.6L SOHC I4 and a Selecta racing skin. +a fully modeled radiator option where the spare tire goes.
    And ~20+ new Piccolina configs!

    Bugfixes include:
    -ETK N series (K and 800) V8 has been optimized (model and placement in engine bay)
    -Lots of configs fiddling
    -Spec R brakes are now completely color-able
    -minor Info fiddling
    -98 Pessima hood deformation bugs have been hammered out
    -SBR rear licence plate...
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