Wentward DT40L First Bus Skin 1.0

A British skin for the DT40L!

  1. BMG_PLR54
    This was a quick 20 minute skin made by me. First Bus is a transport company for the UK. The company works basically for the entire country to be honest. Instead of adding a specific place name on the side (e.g. Sheffield, Greater Manchester, Leeds) I just put the game name on it. At least that will save me from having to make dozens of skins just for place names. I hope you enjoy!

    screenshot_2019-08-08_14-11-58.png screenshot_2019-08-08_14-11-39.png

Recent Reviews

  1. William AAHHHHFton
    William AAHHHHFton
    Version: 1.0
    I love Bus skins! This is Great though!
  2. Jameseydude_101
    Version: 1.0
    this skin is pretty good, but it looks a little too much on the pink side, and not entirely realistic as first generally goes for a more swooping than sharp design
    1. BMG_PLR54
      Author's Response
      I know... It was a quick skin that I sort of rushed. :)
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