Wentward More Engines Mod 1.2

You know the drill, some new engines for your bus

  1. Capkirk
    The Wentward, like the T-series, is rather limited with it's single engine option, as opposed to the dozens offered on by real Bus manufacturers. This mod aims to correct that, with 3 new engines for the Wentward. Two Jargl Turbodiesels and a V6 two-stroke, as well as a few new transmissions, including a hydro-mechanical transmission for smooth acceleration. It also features a few configs for these engines, with descriptions and performance data.
    • CM D95-6 Two Stroke Diesel
    • Jargl J730 and J940 Turbodiesels (with sounds by @Tronadorous )
    • Schaller 2 and 4-speed Hydro-mechanical Transmissions
    • ETK 4 and 6-speed transmissions with torque converters
    • 5.74 final drive for Schaller transmissions
    CM D95-6 V6: A 9.3 Liter two stroke diesel. With twice as many power strokes as a four stroke, this engine makes plenty of power without the need for a turbo, although one can be equipped for extra power. It might not be the best for a city bus however, it's smoky exhaust relegates it to highway use.
    Jargl J730F I6: A 7.3 liter I6 turbo-diesel from Jargl. It's small displacement offers good efficiency, while modern turbochargers give it plenty of power despite it's size. However, it's still probably best suited for city use, as it struggles at highway speeds.
    Jargl J940B: A 9.4 liter I6 turbo-diesel from Jargl. Larger than the J730, it provides more power without sacrificing too much efficiency. It is much more capable with heavier loads, and can manage highway driving without much trouble.

Recent Updates

  1. 0.17 Update
  2. Added sounds and some other fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. EpicGamer19
    Version: 1.1
  2. Benturner329
    Version: 1.1
    Nice mod I love the different engines. Would you be able to add the v12 from the T-series as I love that engine and It would speed up the bus wonderfully. Thank you
  3. devo343
    Version: 1.0
    great mod can you make some custom engines for the dansworth
  4. Michaelflat
    Version: 1.0
    volvo b7 in beamNG :P
    Adjustable turbos nice feature...
    and that bump in the torque curve is actually present in the real life engine before any of you start like i did before :P
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