Beta Wentward Powertrain Mod 2.3

The best bits of the DansWorth, now in the DT40L :)

  1. Michaelflat
    I am aware that with the intelligent allison transmission, the gear selector display is wrong, this is just how it is, can't fix it.. the 2c-2l change works by duplicating the gear, and having the torque converter only lock up in 3rd and beyond..

    Sounds from @CP100 (FMOD sound pack)

    MK1 engine turbochargers from @zschmeez (semi turbos for wentward)

    The wentward shows its age by having a mid-cycle engine refresh, with these being the old engines replaced.

    Perf stats:

    MK1 Engine: 300hp/380hp/490hp/
    MK2 Engine: 270hp/350hp/420hp (same as stock beamNG bar the T420)

    MK1s come with an allison or voith, and MK2s come with a new ZF or new voith.

    Torque Curves:


    Description of the presets:
    Fast-City:A Citybus with 420hp and a modified transmission, this thing can fly, it has comparatively little torque to other 420hp diesel engines due to it being rather small capacity (8.9L) The transmission is a menace, dropping from 2nd to 1st at 20mph. This thing will roar all the way to 2400RPM
    Base Model with Voith Transmission: This is a basemodel variant with an interesting transmission, using a VOITH DiWA. It shifts out of 1st at about 9mph and 2nd goes until 30mph. Odd, but i'm only playing by what i can see on the internet :p
    Gasoline City: This has the Gavril Tri-Tech (or Poseidon) engine, it can run on 3 fuels (CNG, Propane and Gasoline). It has a very low torque output (600 ish NM) and hence is really sluggish. But a slick 6-speed auto from gavril, tuned to iron out any shift lurches, will keep this thing ticking over and propelling the bus, even if it means a regular trip to 4000RPM and beyond to get the thing up a hill!.
    Rapid: A citybus with 950hp, what could possibly go wrong.
    Propane City: The Gavril Tri-Tech running on propane has slightly more performance than normal, around 400hp.
    2-speed base:This has a 2-speed auto transmission, truly cost saving. Interesting to drive too.
    ZF T420 Hiway:The T420 is now in the highway config, and has a ZF ecomat transmission to match, this thing cruises at 1300RPM, and accelerates in smooth ZF glory.


    1. upload_2018-9-26_21-49-13.png

Recent Reviews

  1. mowens07 Gaming
    mowens07 Gaming
    Version: 2.3
    does this have any whines?
  2. zschmeez
    Version: 2.0
    Very nice. Thanks for asking first for the turbos.
  3. James 2102
    James 2102
    Version: 0.92
    pretty damn cool
  4. ACrashingPokeman
    Version: 0.91
    Very interesting mod with some cool options. You've done Voith, you've done Allison, now will you do ZF? Here's some reference for the ratios for the ZF Ecomat.
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      thanks, just the page i want to see. Note that i won't be able to replicate the rather complex torque converter activity that the ZF has in BeamNG
  5. marlenemancuso
    Version: 0.91
    love it. does it have the 6.8 V10?
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      Yeah gasoline variant.
  6. IAchievedBacon
    Version: 0.9
    Stars are overrated... Here's 5 tables...
    ┬─┬ ┬─┬ ┬─┬ ┬─┬ ┬─┬
    1. Michaelflat
      Author's Response
      ikea seal of approval
  7. Cutlass
    Version: 0.9
    me give review u happy??
    1. Michaelflat
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