West Coast Chase Series 0.14

Six fun police chase scenarios in Belasco city.

  1. West Coast Chase Series 2019 Update

    This 2019 update revamps the existing scenarios of West Coast Chase Series.
    Damage restrictions removed. Smash your car & destroy your car just enjoy it.
    +New scenario added! West Coast Chase 6.
    -Mod requirements (Gavril Bandit & DJPlopperConfigMegaPack)removed which were needed to play WCC1 and WCC4. Now, it uses in-game vehicles.
    -West Coast Chase 3 was slightly changed due to some bug which was preventing the scenario UI to fully...
  2. Minute Update

    • Yesterday was concluded that there will be no more updates for this scenario. But, I checked the mod and forgot to pack it properly (once again:p).
    • So, the scenarios are now placed in their respective folders so there is no confusion.
    • Ciao. Enjoy.!
  3. One Last Suspect

    • This is the final update for WCCS.

    Added new and final scenario:
    • West Coast Chase 5

  4. West Coast Chase Series

    • Scenario files are now properly packed.
    • New thumbnail for Double Trouble scenario.
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