West Coast Race Week 1.2

Go all out in new challenging races in West Coast USA!

  1. Version 1.2

    Phew, another update...
    • Made scenarios compatible with v0.24
    • Scenarios now launch from a flowgraph; this enables quick loading if you select races from the Race Info Tool
    • Changed start UI
    • AI tweaks
  2. Version 1.1

    Hello again!
    • Fixed AI not working and game crashing
    • Improved AI parameters
    • Added special feature to enable player vehicle choice
    • Changed player vehicle for race #3
  3. Version 1.0.1

    Minor fixes.
    • Added a bit of missing info
    • Raised the 1st place reward for race #4
    • Adjusted a part of the route for race #5
    • Lightened the difficulty for some races, but only slightly
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