Beta West Coast USA for Wentward DT40L 3.1.0

West Coast USA liveries

  1. dezzey
    Ever feel like something's missing from West Coast USA? Want to smash American public transportation? If you answer yes to any of these questions, YOU'RE IN LUCK!

    Included in this pack are skins of the San Francisco Municipal Railway, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and King County Metro, faithfully created to fit the Wentward DT40L! They emulate the liveries of Local and Rapid services in Los Angeles and Seattle.

    Also, I have not included any of the transit agency's logos in this mod because of copyright reasons.

    Installation instructions are simple: just plop the .zip folder into your mods folder, fire up the game and have fun!

    Pictures below:
    screenshot_2019-12-27_20-45-38.png screenshot_2019-02-24_20-26-21.png

    screenshot_2019-02-24_20-25-01.png screenshot_2020-01-01_23-32-58.png

    King County Metro
    KCMTeal.png KCMBlue.png KCMGreen.png

    San Francisco MUNI:
    screenshot_2020-06-24_15-28-46.png screenshot_2020-06-24_15-29-02.png screenshot_2020-06-24_15-29-18.png

Recent Updates

  1. PBR Update
  2. San Francisco MUNI Update
  3. West Coast Update

Recent Reviews

  1. consulaisme
    Version: 1.0.0
    now I feel like I'm at home with this skin!
  2. fylhtq7779
    Version: 1.0.0
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