Experimental Wider Axles 1.10.1

Some wider axles to accommodate larger tires

  1. Wide Crawler time!

    I was a bit frustrated with the hopper's standard suspension and axle wrapping, so I decided to try the crawler suspension. And whaddya know, it works much better!
  2. Wendover? More like Wideover!

    Today, I bring you an early, but functional widened suspension for the Wendover.
    You ever think to yourself, "Man, I really want to have a higher top speed, but I don't want to mess with my transmission."?

    Well, I have the product for you! With the exclusive widenend suspension for the Wendover, your thoughts have become reality! Simply attach these bad boys to your frame, slap on some tall tires, and BOOM. you got yourself a higher top speed without worrying about...
  3. Updates to configs

    With the update that added engine mounts, I noticed that some of the configs did not spawn with them.

    I figured I'd add some big tire configs as well. These will require the big tires mod.

    I also tweaked the suspension on some of the configs as well to reduce the bounciness.
  4. Scarab Time

    With permission from DrowsySam, I bring you the Scarab, but with 0.7-meter wider suspension!

    I figured that the only thing that could make the scarab better would be if its wheelbase was equal to its width.


    1. screenshot_2021-01-15_22-05-49.png
  5. Introducing: Wide Roamer

    Hello again everybody! As per usual, the mods I make always have super easy fixes for their problems and easy ways to expand them that I completely gloss over and then ignore.

    So, today I bring you the Widened Roamer!
    Completely compatible with all previous widened setups for the D-series (aside from the prerunner, that is)!

    • Widened front and rear suspension
    • 428 Cobra Jet engine and custom radiator
  6. Nuclear Axles 2: the Reckoning

    Welp. It looks like nuclear axles will continue to haunt me. This update fixes that again and since I was working on other things, it also includes some other WIP fixes.

    • (Hopefully) No more nuclear axle
    • Axle wrap just about fixed on the standard live axle for the D-series
    • Axle wrap almost fixed for the Hopper as well
    • Axle wrap mitigated on the pigeon
    • A radiator that doesn't melt when you use the 428 Cobra Jet in the D-series
  7. Pigeon is go!

    The pigeon has received the nachtstiel treatment!
    Look at that tire flex!


    Because of the way the pigeon is set up, I combined the bigger tires with the larger axles.

    4 configs for easy to finds setups.
    Wider rear axle
    79-inch tall tires for the front and rear
    48-inch wide front tire
    A stronger driveshaft

    Why 79 inches? because an even 2 meters is nice to work with and 100 inches was too unstable.

    Standard wheels with the wide...
  8. Nuclear Rear Axle

    Quick update here, I thought I tested the new axles thoroughly, but it appears I allowed some nuclear axles through. They destroyed the very fabric of space-time, but thanks to my interdimensional skills, I managed to intercept it and correct the problem.

    You're welcome :mad:

  9. No more body rubbing!

    Thanks to Truck-truckin-truck for letting me know that the larger tires rub the body and seemingly every other part of the desert D-series.

    Up until now, I had been relying on the large number of vehicles that did not collide with their own tires, but the new D-series may be starting a trend.

    So, with that in mind, I give you the first configuration that can wear the 100-inch tires with absolutely no clipping!...
  10. Wider Axles for the Desert D-Series

    I challenged myself to add the new D-series suspension to the wider axles mod a soon as possible. Kudos to the original dev for this suspension because it was by far the easiest to work with.

    Just look at that width. In total, it's 0.7 meters wider on both front and rear
    Yes, those are 33-inch tires. Way too small for my taste.

    It's so wide, that even 100-inch tires don't bother it much.

    Enjoy the update and creep out some bus riders...
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