Experimental Wider Axles 1.21

Some wider axles to accommodate larger tires

  1. Pigeon fixes incoming

    This update should reduce the pigeon's tendency to have the wheels fold under the car. It also fixes a compatibility issue with the Racing Pigeon mod.
  2. Vivace and Wigeon!

    This update adds the Vivace and the Wigeon!
  3. The van is wide!

    The H-Series is now wide. All of the axle and suspension options are included.

    This also includes some tweaking to the Wideover in order to make the rear less bouncy and to strengthen the front end
  4. The sunburst is drivable!

    This update fixes the sunburst suspension and adds some configs for it. Next task will be to fix the Wendover!
  5. More Mod of mod support and other stuff

    Today, I added support for the long pigeon and Compact Buggy!
    I added a new engine to them as well: a VW Golf Mk IV 1.8T 180 engine and turbo. It is a bit heavier, but it helps when using the larger tires.

    I also added a ridiculous engine to the bolide: WTF Engine. Ever wanted to know what dumping the clutch at 30k rpm looks like? wonder no longer!

    Fixed the exploding rear axle on the pigeon

    Other fixes here and there
  6. Pigeon and Covet are added

    I added the widened suspension for the Covet and the Pigeon.

    Also made the Wendover suspension less bad
  7. The Bolide is now wide!

  8. Worked on the D-series

    I did some reworking of the rear 3-link suspension on the D-series and removed the standard live axle as I was unable to correct the axle wrapping issue.

    The rear suspension now has longer travel and the axle now has a much lesser shift to the left when it reaches the extension limit. Also reworked some variables to reduce the body roll on hard acceleration, although it is still there with powerful engines.

    Also updated the wide 48-inch config to align with the new parameters.

    The really...
  9. Time for the Wideside!

    The burnside gets wide!

    Known issues:

    The front suspension will twist under braking until the tension from the twisting cancels out the torsion force.

    Taller tires (100 inches or more) cause the wheels to bend inward
  10. It's time for some wide hauling!

    I added the T-Series to the list of widened vehicles!
    BeamNGdrive-0234112530-RELEASE-x648_12_202112_50_40PM.png BeamNGdrive-0234112530-RELEASE-x648_12_202112_50_46PM.png

    You can still haul trailers with a bit of work!
    BeamNGdrive-0234112530-RELEASE-x648_12_202112_55_51PM.png BeamNGdrive-0234112530-RELEASE-x648_12_202112_56_56PM.png
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