Alpha Wild West Motorsports Offroad Track (Lidar) 1.4

The off-road short course in Sparks, Nevada

  1. Made the ramp less bad

    In this update, I made both of the ramps smoother and the downhill ramp larger. Also made some minor tweaks to the terrain around the ramps to make the exit and entry smoother. Now most dev cars won't damage their suspension until they go off the jump.

    Adjusted the AI pathing slightly.

    The texturing on the ramps is not good. I am fairly new to actually setting up textures instead of relying on existing uv wraps
  2. Hopefully fixed this time for real

    Corrected filepath and added a bunch of detail to the terrain
  3. Hopefully fixed now

    Touched up the terrain, found an onboard video so I could place the barriers correctly, merged the cache, and corrected path names for meshes and textures.
  4. Oopsie

    I forgot to update the working name in the materials files
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