Wisconsin Trailer Plate Pack 1.01

Selectable License plates for every BeamNG included trailer, plus 6 WI trailer plates

  1. NERDBUG96
    This mod adds the license plate design slot to all semi and regular towhitch trailers in BeamNG, in addition to adding US plates to the Box utility, Large Box Utility, and small flatbed trailers. Included are 6 Wisconsin Trailer license plate designs ranging from 8,000 lb gvwr CA plates to RV plates and even apportioned Semi Trailer plates. Here is the list below:
    Arranged by GVWR
    RV Trailer- Use on the Travel Trailer

    CA- 8,000lbs. GVWR

    DR- 12,000lbs. GVWR

    YA- 14,000lbs. GVWR

    GR- 26,000lbs. GVWR

    Semi Trailer- use on semi trailers
    This mod also supports:
    AR162B's Trailerpack (Will support designs natively),
    essej818's Roll Back Utility Trailer (US plate and design slot added by me),
    and essej818's Semi Uplift Trailers (Will support designs natively)
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