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Beta WolfPack's full Skin Pack 2.0

as of V 1. will have rx7 skins

  1. much more skins

    so in this update i bring alot of 200bx skins and a few autobello and a few rx7 skins most of the rx7 skins are for race kit there is 1 for base kit and 1 for widebody kit rest are for race kit enjoy
  2. more skins and skins for rx7

    this update has been delayed due to having no wifi for a few weeks it icludes more skins for quite a few vehicles including a few skins for the rx7 mod mainly made for the rx7 race kit 1 for base and 1 for widebody kit rest are for race kit hopefully u all enjoy

    in this update i have added skins for ETKC and SUNBURST and VAN and BARSTOW and i think the MIRAMAR hope u all enjoy this will include skins based on DXD VS SAO
    Log Horizon
    Bungo Stray Dogs
    Future Diary aka Mira Nikki
  4. more skins for u to enjoy + changed bus skin due to clipping issues

    (Edit Note): I am currently working on another 8-12 skins right now hopefully all done by the end of the night so tommrow or tonight possibly before this updates even out ill have pushed out another update that when u see this update newest will be awaiting approval

    well ive added 1-2 Date A Live skins a Tokyo Ghoul skin and a couple Angel Beats skins and Angels Of Death skin possibly others i cant remember these are for the sbr and jl prerunner and bus and something else the bus should no...
  5. 6 more new skin on more vehicles

    this update brings u skins for the citybus the legran the pessima and the coupe there are 6 in total this means the pack now has 56 skins hope u all enjoy


    1. Girls_With_Guns.png
    2. Weapons_Of_War.png
  6. 30+ skins just addeds for a range of vanilla vehicles

    in this update i have added my full skin pack and will add in more photos to the overview if this update is approved this pack will no longer be autobello skins only

    in this mini update i have added a new skin for the autobello based upon or Seven Deadly Sins sadly escanor is on the boot so u cant see him due to the way this boot is made


    1. screenshot_2019-01-06_18-17-24.png
    2. screenshot_2019-01-06_18-17-54.png
    3. screenshot_2019-01-06_18-18-18.png
    4. screenshot_2019-01-06_18-19-35.png
  8. .jbeam edit

    just had to fix jbeam error
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