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Xspeed NIMBUS 6LTT 1.0

1189kg of pure performance, Xspeeds Definition of a Hypercar.

  1. PlayKoyote24
    Some of you might be confused seeing a Hypercar made by Xspeed, but yes, they made a few hundred of it, all in British racing green, all with the same trim and all of them only sold to special Xspeed customers.

    The Nimbus engine is based on the 3l inline 4 Turbo engine Xspeed uses for various sports cars and race cars... but two times!! They made a 6l V8 Twin Turbo out of it! The engines makes 822hp and maybe too much torque, especially at low rpm where other sports cars have no power, this thing pushes!

    As it is a car by Xspeed, and a controversial one with that big engine too, they had to make it incredible lightweight. So even with the heavy engine, the car weighs only 1189kg, thanks to an ultra ridged carbon fibre chassis and body.

    The most incredible thing is not ow fast it is, but how it gets to high speeds. Acceleration and Elasticity are completely bonkers and thanks to its AWD System, it reaches 100kph/60mph in under 2 seconds. And keeps going and going. Gears are shifted by an ultra fast Dual Clutch transmission.

    screenshot_2020-05-13_11-55-58.png screenshot_2020-05-13_11-56-05.png screenshot_2020-05-13_11-56-13.png screenshot_2020-05-13_11-56-24.png
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