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Xspeed ZX X Nürburgring Edition 1.0

A special track-only version of the Xspeed ZX, set up to race the Nordschleife

  1. PlayKoyote24
    This variant of the Xspeed ZX is a track only version, set up specifically for the Nordschleife (on slower/smaller tracks like shukudo island, it actually isn't that good)
    The car weighs only 1100kg due to weight reduction and unlike the road versions of the ZX that have a turbocharged 2-liter Koyote/Nero sourced engine, this one has a 3l 20V inline 4 turbo race engine, making 570hp two the rear wheels through a dualclutch transmission. It creates much downforce due to improved aerodynamics and also has wider tires with race slicks and race breaks.
    It is a limited Edition and only avaiable in British Racing Green.
    Here you can see it in it's natural habitat:

    screenshot_2020-04-21_12-20-08.png screenshot_2020-04-21_12-20-17.png screenshot_2020-04-21_12-20-31.png screenshot_2020-04-21_12-20-38.png screenshot_2020-04-21_12-20-54.png
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