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Beta Yamada Lander 1.0

2015 Japanese Pickup

  1. Peter Beamo
    Yamada Lander
    The revolution of drive

    Here is the Standard version of Yamada Lander!

    Comes with
    • 2.8G Double Cab: The 4 doors pickup. Comes with 4x4 locking diff. For good off-roading experiences. Great Design. Can be used for Utility work.
    • 2.4E Double Cab: The 4 doors pickup. Lower ride height.Small wheels size. Not great for off-roading but it can be the great family pickup. with sporty looking.
    • LR1 2.8L I4 Engine
    • LR2 3.0L I4 Engine
    • 5 Speed Manual
    • 6 Speed Manual
    • 6 Speed Automatic
    Capture.png Capture1.png

    More variants will be soon! Stay tuned

    Don't forget to check this Exclusive Sport REVO version out!

    Review and tell me what's your thought!


Recent Reviews

  1. p=p
    Version: 1.0
    lov this car could you make homer Simpsons car please im not good with making mods and dont have 20 qwid please m80
  2. WalkerPG
    Version: 1.0
    An interesting project I liked
  3. pat8675
    Version: 1.0
    how has this not gotten any attention yet? actually really cool!
    1. Peter Beamo
      Author's Response
      thanks man!
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