Alpha Yellav Valley .8

A large map with a variety of roads

  1. Ouerbacker
    For alpha 0.7, deleting "cache.," which is located under documents/, is recommended if you have previously used an earlier version of this map.

    Pictures of 0.7

    BeamNG 2016-01-30 00-32-37-37.jpg BeamNG 2016-01-30 00-33-43-90.jpg

    Known Issues

    AI- It acts a little funny in some parts of the map. I'm looking into this.

    Mix of old and new road textures-
    It takes a long time to place complicated roads...

    Lack of individualized features- This is self explanatory.

    Bumpy bridge entrances- also self explanatory.

    Very slippery grass- also self explanatory.


    -As the tag line said, this is a large map with a variety of roads. Most of these roads feature proper banking.

    -It should be noted that this map does not attempt to be fps friendly. While it is not too harsh on fps, it aims for appearances over performance.

    -There are roughly ten miles of road. These roads has a higher resolution per meter than most of the vanilla maps, so they might seem a little smoother than usual.

    Please check the forum post.


    Please come back for updates in the future.

Recent Reviews

    Version: .8
    :) excellent
  2. Scruffy517
    Version: .8
    Really amazing map. Still works in the latest version of the game without any broken textures.
  3. Илья Каримов
    Илья Каримов
    Version: .8
    Nice map, but needs more houses
  4. thegaming11
    Version: .8
  5. SajtistaPista
    Version: .8
    Awesome! Great work :)
  6. unyxium
    Version: .7.1.1
    Enjoyable to drive around in, with plenty of roads. The scenery is much different to all the other maps which is a nice thing.
  7. MiniMaster032
    Version: .7.1.1
    It's nice to look at, and it's not nearly as punishing as West Coast! It would be nice if it had a large highway, though. Overall, It's great!
  8. Plymouth51b
    Version: .7.1
    This is becoming my default map. I really enjoy bombing around on it in pretty much any car. I love the big staging area with jumps and plenty of room for shenanigans. The dry river beds are fun to dick around in. If there were things I had issues with, it would be the concrete grass, and maybe the map being a bit small. However the later can be argued away by saying what is there is damn good. Cant wait for an update.
  9. bob.blunderton
    Version: .7.1
    Great map, I really enjoyed playing this even more after I fixed the TOD sim group error and added in the missing AI paths. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I did :)
    Big shout-outs to @Synsol and @Meywue for helping me get this fix out to you guys. Ouerbacker's work is too good and too well done to miss out on, after-all, without him, Nevada Interstate may never have seen the light of day (as it is based off Black Hills 2015 - another great map to check out!).
    --Happy Beam'ing!
  10. llӇƳЄƝƛԼƠƦƊll
    Version: .7.1
    Nice map :^), btw if you say this backwards it's Valley yallev
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