Yomatsu M2000 1.0

A clone attempt of a famous Honda sports car.

  1. ArtemisStiles
    The first real Automation car I'm proud enough to share, the Yomatsu M2000 is an attempt at recreating the wonderous S2000 roadster in BeamNG/Automation without (hopefully) stepping on any licensing toes. This car features many of the characteristics of it's real life inspiration, including material composition where it was possible. Performance features include:
    • A near 50/50 weight distribution (52/48)
    • F-R layout with 6 speed manual transmission
    • Brake balancing with ABS and Traction Control
    • A near replica of the F20C engine found in the original
    • 233.9 hp(174.4 kW/237.2 PS) @8700 RPM
    • 161.1 ft/lbs(218.3 Nm) @6600 RPM
    • 9000 RPM redline
    • Curb Weight of 2442.6 lbs (1107.9 kg)
    • Top speed (limited) of 149 mph with a 0-62mph (0-100kph) of 5.2 seconds
    • Sports tires and a stiff Double Wishbone/Multilink suspension
    All of this equates to a swift, fun convertible with a mild tendency to oversteer, perfect for the track lover in you or the occasional Sunday cruise! I look forward to future projects like this one.

    M2000Preview2.png M2000Preview1.png
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