Ytrewq's Demolition Derby Configurations Mega Pack 2.0

Spend more time driving and less time preparing cars

  1. Ytrewq
    Ytrewq's Demolition Derby Configuration Mega Pack is probably the biggest demo derby configurations pack on the repository (it contains 23 configs). Most of them are unique and cannot be found in any other mods/mod packs.
    The cars are completely stock cars stripped of parts such as bumpers, fenders, fascias, lights, passenger seats and door panels. The goal of this mod is to save your time, because removing all those parts in-game is a long process.
    2 Barstow configs
    + 353 V8 model
    + 423 V8 model
    1 200BX config
    + base model
    4 I-series configs
    + 2400 early model
    + 2400 late model
    + 2400ix late model
    + 3000i late model
    3 LeGran configs
    + 2.2 model
    + 2.4 model
    + V6 model
    2 Covet configs
    + DX model
    +DXi model
    2 '99 Pessima configs
    + DX model
    + LX model
    1 Miramar config
    + base model
    1 Moonhawk config
    + V8 model
    2 '89 Pessima configs
    + DX model
    + LX model
    2 D-series configs
    + 4WD V8 model
    + Extended frame model
    2 Roamer configs
    + I6 RWD model
    + V8 4WD model
    1 H-series config
    + H15 V8 config
    You may ask why there are no configurations for Special and GM. Well, because the well-known Djplopper's configurations pack already has some nice derby configs for the aforementioned cars and I didn't want to duplicate them.
    Suggestions, bug/oversight reports, constructive criticism always welcome!


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Recent Reviews

  1. kaleb.hofman
    Version: 1.0
    excellent but few glitches when crashing into other modded cars
    1. Ytrewq
      Author's Response
      What glitches? Could you please specify that in the discussion?
  2. IMBUZZEED ^^^
    Version: 1.0
    Well least you can take out the front window
  3. Nathaniel Hudac
    Nathaniel Hudac
    Version: 1.0
    Not so bad, it will be cool to remove all windows tho...
    1. Ytrewq
      Author's Response
      I'd like to remove them, too. But it is impossible to remove side windows without removing the doors
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