Zeal Island - OffRoading To The Limit 1.4

Exploring The Limits Of Off Road Vehicles

  1. Update Update, Tending to small bugs and adding items

    Dylan Ranstead
    This is just another small update, it tends to a few bugs, like the loud sounds, disfigured terrain, and error notice appearing when loading in.
    On top of this it also adds multiple spawn locations and preview images!
  2. Trials Track! -New roads - Lake -Awesome Views

    Dylan Ranstead
    A large update to Zeal Island, With new tracks, -Lakes, -Trials Loop!
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  3. Optimization Of Trees

    Dylan Ranstead
    Zeal Island has had a major cut in the amount of trees and bushes for a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.
  4. Minor Bug fixes

    Dylan Ranstead
    This update is just a small update tending to some of the small bugs I have come across.
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