Zeit Radio (The Zeidio) 2.1 Release

A radio available on any vehicle, controlled through an UI app.

  1. QoL Fix

    - Added alert message when the mod copies over the default track table
    - Added backup system in case the track table json is invalid
  2. Tracktable Editor: Easily add your own songs

    - Added "Radio Tracktable Editor" UI App:
    with support for bulk import and automatic detection of cover images​

    - Fixed radio being off-balance for some vehicles
    - Implemented performance improving load-unload system for songs
  3. Hotfix

    Issues fixed:
    - "Dicta", "Lightrunner Loop" have their duration set to 0 (DELETE settings/Zeit/radio)
    - UI app has wrong aspect ratio (RE-ADD TO LAYOUT)

    -Added ability to get songs in playlist by id
    -Added ability to get song info by id
    -Fixed toggle system command
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