Experimental Zephorus Mega Pack 1 1.0

Fast, Incredible cars

  1. Zephorus Mega Pack

    Riley Phillips
    0.30 Brings nine NEW cars
    Ranging from classics to supercars, from sensible to wacky this update is really shows what Automation is capable of.

    • Zephorus Pugg RS
      HighresScreenshot00010.png HighresScreenshot00011.png

    • Zephorus Cuba
      HighresScreenshot00014.png HighresScreenshot00013.png

    • Zephorus Viaggio
      HighresScreenshot00033.png HighresScreenshot00036.png

    • Zephorus LMP900
      HighresScreenshot00007.png HighresScreenshot00008.png

    • Zephorus S - XS
      Final1.png ...
  2. Zephorus Mega Pack

    Riley Phillips
    0.20 Brings a whole six new cars to the pack

    Zephorus RR3
    Photo71.png Photo72.png

    Zephorus DLM
    Photo79.png Photo80.png

    Zephorus Z1
    HighresScreenshot00032.png HighresScreenshot00033.png

    Zephorus SEAL
    HighresScreenshot00002.png HighresScreenshot00003.png

    Zephorus Interstate
    HighresScreenshot00015.png HighresScreenshot00016.png

    Zephorus Cruiser
    HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00002.png

    I really hope you enjoy these cars!
  3. Zephorus Mega Pack

    Riley Phillips
    Ok it really should work this time. File order is a pain.
    Hopefully more cars to come this weekend.
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